1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management

1C: MEM is the first product of ERP class of 1C. This product is no longer for sale.

“1C: Production Enterprise Management 8” is a comprehensive application solution covering the main contours of management and accounting in a manufacturing enterprise.

This solution can create a comprehensive information system that meets corporate, Russian and international standards, and provides financial and economic activities of an enterprise.

At the enterprises of the holding structure, a common information base can cover all organizations included in the holding company. This significantly reduces the complexity of accounting due to the reuse of common arrays of information by different organizations.

At the same time, in all the organizations, a through management and regulated accounting (including bookkeeping and tax accounting) is conducted, but the regulated reporting is formed separately for organizations.


In addition to management and regulated accounting, it is possible to keep records in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS). In order to reduce the complexity, accounting that complies with IFRS is not operative, as it uses the translation (recounting) of data of other accounting types.

When developing the “1C: Production Enterprise Management 8” solution, both modern international enterprise management methods (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II, etc.), and the experience of successful automation of production enterprises gained by 1C and partner community were taken into account.


All mechanisms of automation of the application solution can be divided into two large classes:

  • mechanisms to support the operational activities of an enterprise;
  • mechanisms for non-operational accounting.

It is expected that the greatest effect is the introduction of the application solution in enterprises with a staff of several tens to several thousand people with dozens and hundreds of workstations, as well as in holding and network structures.


  • for the management of the enterprise and managers responsible for business development: powerful capabilities for analysis, planning and flexible management of company resources to increase its competitiveness;
  • for the heads of departments, managers and employees directly involved in production, marketing, supply and other activities to ensure the production process: tools to increase the efficiency of daily work in their areas;
  • for the employees of accounting services of the enterprise: tools for automated accounting in full compliance with legal requirements and corporate standards of the enterprise.

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Don't waste time searching. Ask us a question and the experts will give answers to your questions.


    Save your time,
    energy and money

    Don't waste time searching. Ask us a question and the experts will give answers to your questions.