This product is a universal tool for communication of your enterprise with state institutions
The “1C:Reporting” functional block provides the ability to connect to the electronic reporting service directly from the 1C user’s workplace and is configured using the intuitive “Connection Wizard”.


  • Reporting to all relevant bodies (FTS, PFR, SIF, FCS, Rosstat, etc.);
  • Verification of the delivery of reports to authorities and communication with authorities through electronic requests;
  • Implementation of electronic reconciliation with the tax service;
  • Implementation of electronic reconciliation with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR);
  • Exchange of necessary information concerning sick leaves with the SIF;
  • Receiving requirements and notifications; electronic correspondence with the Federal Tax Service;
  • Obtaining legally relevant documents from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities/Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs with a tax service mark.
  • Preliminary verification of electronic reporting before sending;
  • Ability to send reports prepared in third-party programs;
  • Modern and ergonomic interface “Taxi”, etc.


The “Head’s personal account” block is necessary for monitoring electronic documents.

You can enter the “Head’s personal account” from any computer or a mobile phone. After activating the service, the account data are provided by the 1C Partner.

The service also has an instant SMS notification function. This service informs the user about the status of the sent documents and reports, as well as the receipt of documents from the regulatory authorities.


  • Filing reports to regulatory authorities directly from 1C without switching to other applications and without re-filling out forms;
  • No need to install additional software, all the actions are performed in the 1C program every accountant knows very well;
  • Connection to the service takes place directly at a user’s workplace, without a visit to the operator’s office;
  • The annual maintenance fee includes the provision of an electronic signature, a free VipNet cryptographic information protection facility and the ability to change of electronic signature an unlimited number of times on an unscheduled basis. Certificates are changed remotely, without visiting the operator’s office;
  • The fixed cost of the annual maintenance includes all the features of the service. That includes the ability to connect several inspectorates of the Federal Tax Service without extra charge to submit reports from separate divisions of one legal entity;
  • Federal round-the-clock technical support of users.


  • 1С: Production enterprise management, edition 1.3
  • 1С:Accounting 8 (CORP, PROF, and the base versions)
  • 1С:ERP. Production management
  • 1С:Production enterprise management, edition 1.3
  • 1С:Complex automation
  • 1С:Salary and staff of a budget institution
  • 1С:Taxpayer
  • 1С:Autonomous institution accounting (CORP, PROF, and the base versions)
  • 1С:Enterpriser 2015
  • 1С:Enterpriser reporting
  • 1С:Our company management
  • 1С:Holding company management

The service is also available in a number of industry applications.

1C: Reporting

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    Save your time,
    energy and money

    Don't waste time searching. Ask us a question and the experts will give answers to your questions.