A full range of audit services for the implemented 1C software product and software code modifications


Any 1C implementation project is to be materialized jointly by the Customer and the Contractor. Despite the fact that the industry has already gained serious experience in implementing even very complex projects, statistics on the number of failed projects remains quite noticeable. That is why an outside point of view often allows you to find solutions for deadlocked cases of the implementation of an information system. At the same time, we do not set the task of finding the perpetrators and pointing fingers at them.

The success of the project audit is represented as a package of recommendations on smoothing away emerging problems and on further optimization of the interaction between the Contractor and the Customer.


  • Initial situation analysis: discussing the Customer and the Contractor points of view and describing the problem as an “as is” form in the protocol of disagreements
  • Project documentation analysis: studying the express examination report, the catalog of requirements, technical specifications and any other operation documentation.
  • An audit of the project methodology: the way the interaction on the project is organized, degree of the consistent mechanisms utilization, etc.
  • An audit of project decisions from the point of view of the standard methodology of the 1C configuration used: here the main question is whether the standard 1C functionality is used correctly from the point of view of the stated project requirements
  • An audit of the development process on the 1C platform: the correctness of the software code being developed, the way the testing is built, the transfer and acceptance of the functionality, and checking whether all the requirements and recommendations of the 1C company on development on the “1C: Enterprise” platform are taken into account. In some situations, a need arises for the program code refactoring.
  • If necessary, an audit of the software and hardware complex for performance and optimal processing speed is performed.
  • Development of a recommendations package for solving all identified project problems.
  • Implementing the recommendations and monitoring the introduction of the agreed technical and organizational decisions into the project.

When you apply to our company, you receive examples of solutions that have helped our clients in complex projects. 

The information from the audit report will allow the Customer’s company to respond in a timely manner and make changes to the course of the project, and to change the behavior strategy towards the Contractor’s company in order to complete the project and minimize its costs.

The price for the audit service in case of implementation projects is based on the number of areas and objects of research.

Save your time,
energy and money

Don't waste time searching. Ask us a question and the experts will give answers to your questions.


    Save your time,
    energy and money

    Don't waste time searching. Ask us a question and the experts will give answers to your questions.